LG exec hints G2 could be landing in the UK in September

LG exec hints G2 could be landing in the UK in SeptemberThe UK has trailed other top smartphone markets when it comes to receiving LG's latest smartphones of late, the result of the Korean firm's damning verdict on the state of our 4G infrastructure.

But those dark days could end with the launch of the LG G2, with LG executives having hinted that the G2 will roll out across Europe in September.

Engadget reports Korea's The Kyunghyang Shinmun as quoting LG Electronics' CFO David Jung and a second unnamed LG executive talking fast and loose about the G2's release window.

And it goes something like this: August for South Korea, September for North America and Europe (Verizon is namechecked as a US carrier partner), and October for all other regions. That, lest you forget, after the official August 7 launch event in New York.

With Jung and friend having been widely quoted by the world's tech press, however, LG has stepped in to try (unsuccessfully, if we're being honest) to rein in the speculation.

“Our CFO gave some estimates at the LG second quarter earnings press conference on Wednesday but he was only speaking in generalities, not confirmed facts,” a statement received by TechRadar reads.

“He is, after all, our CFO not our CMO. So while it's likely that the timing he mentioned is accurate, we won't know for sure for a few more weeks.

“Same thing with Verizon. We hope to have them on board for the US launch but not just them. CFO was speaking from the point of view of where we stand now but a lot of things will change between today and launch time.”

So LG isn't saying he's wrong, but it isn't saying he's right either. And even if he is right, or indeed wrong, things will probably change anyway.

Glad that's been cleared up.

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