LG Fantasy Windows Phone leaked

LG Fantasy Windows Phone leakedThe arrival of Mango – Windows Phone 7.5 – didn’t bring anything like the influx of new handsets we were expecting. I guess all the existing Windows Phones got Mango anyways, but still… where’s the new stuff, man?

LG quietly released the Jil Sander a few months back, another one of its silly designer phones, but the South Koreans are set to follow up with a proper new Windows Phone effort – the LG Fantasy. Huzzah!

We doubt many of you are particularly hot and bothered at the prospect of a new Windows Phone and LG combo, but, in any case, LG Fantasy specs are thin on the ground, so don’t get too excited.

The LG Fantasy was leaked by xda-developers member untitledmangxg, who claims to have purchased the phone from a cheeky Romanian developer. Ironically, it says: “Not For Sale” in huge letters on the back.

untitledmangxg reveals that the LG Fantasy has a 4in IPS display, 1.3MP front camera and 8GB internal storage. The rear shooter looks like an 8MP effort, though it's difficult to tell from the blur-o shot.

And that’s your lot. We’ll expect to learn more about the LG Fantasy at CES and/or Mobile World Congress. Possibly.

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