LG: G Flex available in the UK next month, price still unconfirmed

LG: G Flex available in the UK next month, price still unconfirmedLG may have been the first to announce a flexible smartphone by unveiling the LG G Flex back in October, but it was a bit of a pointless exercise considering you still can't actually buy one.

Well rejoice, flexi-fancying phone types, as LG has revealed when you'll finally be able to get your hands on the flex: next month.

Helpful, yes? Not much, really, since we were already under that impression, but this is LG confirming as such, so I guess we should be grateful.

“Starting next month, consumers in major European markets including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Austria, among others, will be able to experience for themselves the most innovative device in today’s smartphone industry,” an LG press release warbles.

So far the LG G Flex has only gone on sale in South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore, but is slated to appear in the US later this month before its European unveiling.

We do have some sympathy, to be fair. The LG G Flex's two big party pieces, its curved 6in display and “self-healing” back cover, aren't exactly standard items, and so production has probably been slower than with most “normal” smartphones.

Then again, we can't see demand being too high either if recent reports of a near-£700 price SIM-free tag are true.

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