LG G3 release date: June 2014?

LG G3 release date: June 2014?South Korean manufacturer LG didn’t fare too badly last year, certainly in terms of volume, taking fourth place in the overall smartphone rankings for 2013 (IDC).

That success was due in part to the LG G2 flagship, but evidence is mounting that the inevitable successor will arrive sooner rather than later. The latest LG G3 release date rumour points to June.

To date, we’ve heard that the LG G3 might launch in May, while a February filing with the USPTO confirms LG will indeed use the G3 moniker (as if there was any doubt).

Crediting a “source close to the matter”, German-language site Giga Android throws June into the mix as a possible LG G3 release date. Actually, to be fair, that should probably be launch date, but you get the idea.

Two slightly different dates there (May/June), but the consensus seems to be that the LG G3 will arrive in Q2 at some point.

In either case, the South Koreans might well upset owners of the existing LG G2, which has only been on sale for around five months at this point.

LG G3 specs remain a mystery at this stage, but we’re thinking it might well rock a 2K HD display, pipping Samsung et al to the proverbial post, and it could be one of the first smartphones in the world to rock the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor.

It’ll be interesting to see if LG lets the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date (April 11) pass by without a word, but don’t be surprised if Lucky Goldstar throws a few stinkbombs in the form of LG G3 teasers.

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