LG G3 Screen uses in-house 8-core NUCLUN processor

LG G3 Screen uses in-house 8-core NUCLUN processorLG always promised more G3 variants, and while we’d resigned ourselves to largely uninspiring spin-offs like the G3 Beat (it “sets a new standard in mid-tier”, meh), this new guy is all sorts of interesting.

I speak of the LG G3 Screen, a massive phone powered by LG’s first in-house mobile application processor. Meet: NUCLUN.

Starting with the NUCLUN processor (say NOO-klun), it adopts ARM's big.LITTLE technology, so that’s eight cores in total: four modest Cortex-A7 guys handling the easy stuff, and four beefy Cortex-A15 chaps only coming into play when necessary.

LG says NUCLUN will help “achieve better vertical integration” and “further diversity [sic] our product strategy against stronger competition.”

NUCLUN also supports the next generation of 4G data craziness, namely LTE-A Cat.6. Gotta have that LTE-A Cat.6 in Korea.

Incidentally, the NUCLUN makes its debut in a “smartphone developed specifically for the Korean market”, which pretty much answers the question of the LG G3 Screen’s UK availability.

In terms of LG G3 Screen specs, it’s essentially a larger version of the LG G3 flagship, but ever-so-slightly watered down.

For starters, while the display stretches from 5.5in on the base model to 5.9in on the G3 Screen, the resolution drops from QHD (2560 x 1440) to 1080p. And while the storage is a generous 32GB (with microSD), the RAM is just 2GB – not the 3GB found on the 32GB G3.

Other LG G3 Screen specs include a 13MP/2.1MP camera combo (same as the G3), “high fidelity” 1W speaker, 3,000mAh battery and KitKat Android 4.4.

LG doesn’t mention anything about G3 Screen cost or availability, but, y’know, that’s something for the Koreans to worry about.

via: LG Newsroom

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