LG G3 screenshots show clean, flat design (oh, Jony Ive)

LG G3 screenshots show clean, flat design (oh, Jony Ive)It’s funny to think that iOS 7’s “flat” design caused such a hullaballoo when it was first unveiled almost a year ago. By today’s standards, it looks completely… normal.

Google’s Android apps look to be going the same way, ditto Lucky Goldstar’s Optimus UI on the much-discussed LG G3.

Point your eyes at this GSMArena exclusive for the full set of LG G3 screenshots, in all their aqua glory. What a strange background.

Dancing atop KitKat Android 4.4, the LG G3 UI clearly boasts a (mostly) clutter-free design, with many a flat, simple icon on board.

Sadly, the Notification pane looks more like the Android we know and love, with tons of crud thrown into a relatively small space. The obvious problem is that we want everything just a couple of taps/swipes away at all times.

On the first LG G3 screenshot, you can see the text: "You may want to take an umbrella since rain is expected during this afternoon.”

According to GSMArena’s source, that’s a new feature, which “combines the weather forecast with your habits to provide you with a personalized recommendations for your daily routine.”

Are we really at the stage where we need our phones to tell us to take an umbrella? How about: “Don’t forget to put your trousers on, John”?

The full-size screenshots measure, of course, 2560 x 1440, the LG G3 being the manufacturer’s first QHD smartphone. In fact, with all due respect to Oppo, the LG G3 might well be the first big-name phone with a QHD display.

We’re not hearing any different in this latest leak, so we’re assuming the LG G3 launch is still scheduled for May or June.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 23, 2014 at 18:54

Those are by far the ugliest icons I have seen. Ever. Sorry.


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