LG G3’s 2K HD display ‘confirmed’, fancy software features inbound also

LG G3’s 2K HD display ‘confirmed’, fancy software features inbound alsoThe LG G2 is barely – what? – seven months old, but already we’re looking forward to its inevitable successor, the LG G3 (concept image, left).

Rumour has it the LG G3 will be one of the first smartphones in the world with a 2K HD display, and that notion has supposedly been “confirmed”, while a ton of fancy software features are promised, too.

That’s the story over on PhoneArena, with the headline: Exclusive: the LG G3 will feature a 5.5-inch Quad HD display and advanced personalization.

The first part is fairly self-explanatory, and with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 over a 5.5in display, that’d yield a fairly ridiculous PPI rating of 538. That’s the same, incidentally, as the Oppo Find 7, which was launched earlier today.

As for those “advanced personalization” features, that’s where things start to get a little muddy. We’re told to expect “location-based reminders, calendar organization, traffic alerts, and intelligent push of news and location-based recommendations”, though it’s not clear how much of that is simply Google Now.

Supposedly the LG G3 UI will “adapt and change based on your usage and needs”, while the phone will also give you, er, "helpful ideas" – whatever that means.

Sounds like bloat to us, but we’ll reserve judgement until the official LG G3 launch, which is tipped for May or June this year.

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