LG G4 launch: April, just chilling while the Galaxy S6 touches down

LG G4 launch: April, just chilling while the Galaxy S6 touches downWith all the talk of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 of late, suckas act like they forgot about the LG G4. Or, more formally (and less gangsta), the LG G4 has been conspicuous by its absence.

We heard before that South Korea’s second favourite manufacturer (behind Samsung but ahead of troubled Pantech) was taking its time moulding the LG G4 to perfection, but now we’re told it’ll be ready – a little earlier than we expected – in April.

That’s the story over on The Korea Times, with the completely unambiguous headline: LG Electronics to unveil G4 in April. Not much room for interpretation there.

An anonymous source, let’s call him Mr. X, says: "LG Electronics decided not to release the G4 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) exhibition in Barcelona in March. It may release it in April." Yeah, we pretty much figured the G4 would be skipping MWC.

A second source, let’s call him Mrs. Y, adds: "Samsung usually releases its new flagship model in the first quarter of each year, and Apple in the second quarter. We need some in-between time to make a bigger splash."

Wait; Apple usually releases its new flaghship model in the second quarter of each year? Has this guy been living under a rock for, like, ever? Maybe he meant the second half of the year. Maybe.

To be honest, we’re taking this with a massive mountain of salt. We’d expect to have heard something about the LG G4 if it was genuinely only two months away, but never say never. We'll pen the LG G4 launch in for April in very, very light pencil for now.

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