LG G4 to play catch-up with fingerprint scanner?

LG G4 to play catch-up with fingerprint scanner?The iPhone 5S wasn’t the first phone to include fingerprint-scanning technology, but it certainly opened the floodgates – in typical Apple fashion. Since then we’ve seen various other manufacturers jump onboard, including Samsung, HTC and Huawei.

LG has held off until now, but word on the cyber-street suggests the LG G4 might well include a fingerprint scanner.

The benefits of smartphone fingerprint scanners are twofold, firstly providing consumers with peace of mind, knowing that only their digits can unlock their phone.

The second use of fingerprint scanning, and this is the one that’s seemingly of more interest to LG, is in the authentication of mobile payments. Apple recently introduced Apple Pay, while the Galaxy S6 was launched alongside Samsung Pay.

“LG has been left behind in the race for fintech (portmanteau of finance and technology) as it has continued to postpone the adoption of fingerprint technology,” an anonymous man tells The Korea Herald.

“With more global smartphone-makers incorporating a fingerprint reader, which is a security measure for mobile payments, LG may have had few options left but to deploy the authentication sensor for its next marquee smartphone.”

Portmanteau! Marquee smartphone! Beautiful stuff; I think I just had a wordgasm.

LG is openly taking its sweet time with the G4, despite the recent arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9.

Earlier this week, we heard that the LG G4 might include a premium metal design, while the manufacturer is dead excited about LG UX 4.0.

Consensus is that the LG G4 launch might go down in April.

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