How LG gave up the chance to be a smartphone giant

How LG gave up the chance to be a smartphone giantAh, isn't hindsight a wonderful thing? So it's 2007, and the iPhone is just starting to open the world's eyes to a new kind of mobile device controlled purely using a touchscreen.

You've got an exclusive deal to build the first smartphone on a brand new operating system being worked on in secret by Google... and you back out of the deal at the last minute.

The guilty party in this story is LG, which according to the Wall Street Journal was all lined up to build the first Android phone but then did an about-face, with Google then turning to HTC instead.

The WSJ doesn't reveal the reasoning behind LG's decision, but it's to be assumed LG reckoned it was doing just fine without this OS upstart trying to shout the odds, what with its Pradas and Viewtys and the like.

In steps HTC, which at that point was only a minor player in the mobile industry and so probably didn't mind letting Google take charge in the run-up to the first Android phone's release, and the rest is history.

Two years later, with Android on a rapid upward trajectory, HTC one of the most profitable phone makers in the world and the feature phone market starting to crumble, LG finally relented and produced its first Android phone – and is now just another Android also-ran.

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Johnmcl7  Aug. 20, 2011 at 13:58

Rather a few blatant errors and omissions here. HTC were most certainly not a 'minor player', they've been one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers for years long before Apple were producing Iphones. The only difference to previous years was taht HTC didn't have their name on the device as they let networks brand their devices but they did produce the most successful Windows smartphones and before that they dominated the PDA market with the Ipaq which was largely theirs as well. For Google choosing to go with one of the most experienced smartphone manufacturers was clearly a good choice as LG would have probably sunk them, LG can clearly produce the hardware but simply are not good enough with the software.


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