LG gearing up “exclusive launch event” for December 1

LG gearing up “exclusive launch event” for December 1It’s been a fairly depressing year for LG. It got off to a great start, with the world’s first dual-core smartphone (Optimus 2X) and the first autostereoscopic smartphone (Optimus 3D). But it’s been mostly downhill since then, with reduced forecasts and job cuts.

Anyhow, depressing introductory paragraph aside, the ailing manufacturer is preparing an “exclusive launch event” for our American cousins. Sounds fancy.

The invite itself doesn’t give much – or indeed anything – away. However, Engadget discovered the name of the accompanying image file is LG Nitro. Oops.

It’s thought that the LG Nitro could be the P930, which first raised its head several months ago - May, to be precise - in a leaked XML file. A 1280x720 resolution was suggested, hence the name LG Nitro HD.

Otherwise, not a great deal is known about the so-called P930, but it won’t be long till we find out. Probably. If that is what LG has up its sleeve.

The event is scheduled for the evening of December 1, which is… a week on Thursday. Yes.

via: Engadget

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