LG gives Google Nexus 5 a minor hardware tweak

LG gives Google Nexus 5 a minor hardware tweakLG has made a few subtle tweaks to the Google Nexus 5 to give the latest Nexus arrival a minor improvement not much more than a month after its launch.

And when we say subtle, we mean it: the spec itself remains completely as is, and instead we're only talking about a couple of hardware revisions you probably won't even spot looking at old and new side by side.

First off is a slight increase to the size of the speaker holes on the Nexus 5's bottom edge. You can see the difference for yourself in the image above – it's hardly a massive change, but it'll probably ensure a little extra audio oomph from the on-board speakers.

More significant, though, is a stiffening of the hardware buttons on the Nexus 5's chassis in response to complaints from some early adopters that the buttons were a bit loose or rattly.

Of course, the improvements won't really be of much use if you've already forked out for your own-brand Google handset, but will hopefully ensure a better user experience for anyone splashing out on the Nexus 5 going forward.

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loofer  Dec. 13, 2013 at 14:29

any idea what the rev. version will be so we can identify this (and the updated Nexus 5) from the version that available at launch?


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