Is the LG G-Slate actually the Optimus Pad, and headed for MWC?

Is the LG G-Slate actually the Optimus Pad, and headed for MWC?More details are emerging surrounding LG's G-Slate tablet, suggesting the slate may well be the self-same Optimus Pad we've been hearing rumours about for a while, and will take centre stage at Mobile World Congress later this month.

As with all good rumours, of course, there are question marks over the affair, not to mention various other misplaced punctuation marks on a dubious piece of Google Translation at the heart of the speculation.

The 3D-friendly G-Slate was announced for the US market earlier this week, where it will run on T-Mobile's next-gen HSPA+ network. But with LG pushing 3D hard this year, we immediately took it for granted that a worldwide launch would follow in due course, even if it took its time in happening.

However, a new Korean press release suggests in fact the G-Slate and the LG Optimus Pad may be one and the same. The Optimus Pad is mentioned in the press release and has a remarkably similar-looking product spec – close enough that there's very little chance we're talking about two separate gadgets.

Better still, it looks like hints that the LG Optimus 3D smartphone won't be the only surprise up its sleeve at Mobile World Congress may be bang on the money. Google Translate is a dark art at the best of times, but we're willing to take a stab that the following sketchy translation may just be a confirmation that the Optimus Pad will be present in Barcelona:

“Meanwhile, LG Electronics is the world's commercial tablet PC product 'pad Optimus (Optimus Pad)' is determined by this month, 14 days held in Barcelona, Spain, Mobile World Congress (Mobile World Congress) 'open to the general plans.”

You're welcome to make your own minds up on that one – alternatively, any Mobotniks who know more Korean than Google (and it clearly doesn't take much) can have a look at the release themselves and give us the lowdown.

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