LG Gx announced in Korea, why remains a mystery

LG Gx announced in Korea, why remains a mysteryLG has a new smartphone out in Korea called the LG Gx, and it first glance it's easy to wonder exactly why it's bothered.

You see the LG Gx starts out by reminding us of the LG G2, then mimics the (now) step-down specs of the Optimus G Pro before about-turning to wrap things up – quite literally – with the QuickWindow case found on the G2.

There's nothing surprising in the G2-esque looks, to be fair, considering the Gx is hitting the scene within a few months of the G2's unveiling.

As for those specs, however, we're a bit baffled as to just why LG has so closely mimicked the near-year old Optimus G Pro.

It has a 5.5in full HD IPS screen, a Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 13MP/2.1MP cameras and a 3140mAh, by and large making it all but identical to the Pro.

There is the support for high-bandwidth LTE, but that will only be relevant to South Korea. Plus there's the Smart Day feature of the UI which pushes key info to the lock window to accommodate the QuickWindow case.

LG says it will indeed be taking the Gx international, which is one significant change over the Pro, which never made it as far as the UK despite having more than half a year to get here.

Could that be the rationale behind the Gx? Could be, but it would have been nice had LG moved things along a bit.

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