LG hints at 3D Optimus

LG hints at 3D OptimusThe mobile press has been whipped into a veritable frenzy by LG’s Mobile World Congress invite. The email invitation shows that LG is set to reveal the LG Optimus on the conference’s opening day (February 14), and promises a handset that moves “Into the New Dimension”. Would that perhaps be the third dimension, LG?

Further evidence of imminent 3D-ness comes courtesy of the Dutch arm of the Phone House (as Carphone Warehouse is known outside of the UK and Ireland), which briefly posted an online teaser for something called the “Optimus 3D”, however the ad has since vanished. Bugger.

Presumably the LG Optimus will rely on autostereoscopy (that’s glasses-free 3D to you and me), the technology used by the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. It looks like a safe bet: LG demonstrated a similar technology at the recent CES, and having to carry around a pair of 3D glasses to use your phone would be ridiculous, quite frankly.

We’ll let you know the dealio as and when MWC unfolds next month.

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Julias  Jan. 26, 2011 at 23:59

Why do we need 3D phones anyway?and will i be able to text in 3D?


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