LG has no interest in smartphone double-team with Huawei

LG has no interest in smartphone double-team with HuaweiLG has made it clear it has no intention of joining forces with Huawei's smartphone division in a bid to turn its mobile fortunes around.

We didn't realise such a rumour ever existed, but it does, and has gained enough attention that LG has been forced to issue a statement denying any chance of a deal being done.

It all started with a report in the Korea Times, which suggested that LG was in favour of a joint venture with Chinese firm Huawei, supposedly to help “revive its smartphone business”.

An unnamed analyst is quoted as saying LG is looking at its options “with a sense of urgency”, and sees its current position as “fragile” – despite the success of recent high-end devices like the Google Nexus 4/5 and the LG G2.

The attraction of teaming up with Huawei would be the latter's strong position in the hard-fought entry-level smartphone market, where LG has little real presence.

But, the Verge reports, LG insists there's no truth whatsoever to the rumours, and no chance of a deal being done.

“there is no discussion now or in the past with Huawei on any aspects of LG Electronics’ business,” the company claimed.

Sounds pretty final to us.

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