LG Knock Code update defo coming to earlier models, LG G2 and G Flex first

LG Knock Code update defo coming to earlier models, LG G2 and G Flex firstFirst came LG’s KnockON, essentially a tap-to-wake function for smartphones and tablets, and the evolution of that feature is Knock Code, which invites users to wake and unlock their devices with one handy tappy pattern.

Back at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February, the South Koreans promised to bring Knock Code to older LG smartphones, and they’ve fired out a little more detail today.

Knock Code was originally unveiled alongside the LG G Pro 2 in Barcelona, and a whopping 50% of participants in a recent survey said it was their most anticipated Pro 2 feature.

With Knock Code, the display is split into four quadrants, and the user can tap anywhere from two to eight times in each quadrant in a specific sequence. Ultimately that’s 86,367 combinations.

Over in the LG Newsroom, the South Koreans have a go at “conventional” pattern-based security methods for smudging displays, while suggesting that bio-recognition systems are “much more susceptible to variations in the environment”.

On the whole, LG reckons Knock Code is safer and more convenient than any competitor alternatives you care to mention.

Oh! And the whole point in this story: a Knock Code update will bring the feature to the LG G2 and G Flex “starting in April”. Needless to say it’ll be a firm feature in future LG releases, too, including the G2 mini.

Specific timescales for the LG Knock Code update will be "announced locally in the weeks ahead".

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Betas  Mar. 25, 2014 at 22:12

Only 3 years after the N9...


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