Is LG launching own quad-core processor?

Is LG launching own quad-core processor?LG must be feeling a bit hard done by. It's not been shy of innovating over the years when you look at some of its handsets like the Chocolate and the Shine which were really cool in their day.

But it lost traction and, whilst it may have been on a similar footing to Samsung Mobile, say, seven years ago, now it is well and truly eating its rival's dust.

So as well as trying to catch up with the Android game, it's taking another approach and apparently launch its own processor. According to Chosun - a Chinese site - it'll be called the L9 and will be a quad-core thingymabob. Although not confirmed, the belief is it will be based around the ARM Cortex-A9.

Samsung is already established in this field - don't forget it manufactures its own Exynos line of processors and has a quad-core version in its flagship Galaxy S III. And LG will apparently launch a new device to shove said wares in. Although little is known of such a device, it's rumoured to be arriving in September. PhoneArena even muses that it could be the long-awaited LG Eclipse.

I certainly hope this works for LG and that it pulls this off. While I'm personally a huge Samsung fan - and have been since the days of the T100 - I've owned several LG handsets and enjoyed them.

I'm talking in the older days before it dipped its toes into the Android world. In fact, the only one I didn't try out was the BL40 which looked great but never took off. Which is kinda sad for LG because you can see that it was, at least, trying to innovate. When the LG Arena was launched a few years ago, it got real anticipation - but then just fell by the wayside a little.

This is partly due to a lack of good marketing - and, in some cases - of good product. The Optimus 3D was, in comparison, a pretty shocking device with a gimmicky camera that drank battery juice like Dracula and blood. Even in normal mode, the power pack lasted less than 10 hours.

So, it may not be innovating as well as Samsung - but judged on past products, it has got something. Some spark in its heart. And hopefully, with the news of this processor, it may just manage to get itself back into a fighting position.

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socialjeebus  Jul. 11, 2012 at 10:22

The website isnt Chinese~its Korean, The Chosun Ilbo is one of Korea's biggest newspapers. Check out the new LG optimus LTE 2, a very decent phone indeed.


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