Is this the LG Miracle, or just a Fantasy?

Is this the LG Miracle, or just a Fantasy?Cast your minds back to December, and you might recall a cheeky Romanian chap reportedly sold an LG Fantasy developer phone that ironically had “Not For Sale” plastered on the back.

More recently (er, last week), we heard about the LG Miracle. Are they in fact one and the same? Quite possibly, Jeeves.

See, the LG Fantasy and LG Miracle are thought to have incredibly similar specs, and look pretty much identical. It’s probably safe to say that they’re the same phone.

And what are those specs? The LG Fantasy/Miracle has a 4in display, 1GHz processor, 5MP rear camera with 720p video capture, 1.3MP front shooter and 8GB internal storage. As we heard last week, it’ll possibly be the first Windows Phone to support NFC.

We’re pretty sure the LG Fantasy/Miracle will make an appearance at Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks. Other Lucky Goldstar possibilities for Barcelona include the quad-core Ice Cream Sandwich-rockin’ LG X3 and the 4:3 LG Optimus Vu.

via: GSMArena

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