LG Optimus 2X only getting Android 4.0 ICS update in Q3

LG Optimus 2X only getting Android 4.0 ICS update in Q3So you got yourself an LG Optimus 2X. Some would say you made a bad decision, but I'd argue that it doesn't have 3D, and doesn't run Windows Phone 7, so you're already two good decisions up right there.

But sadly, that doesn't exempt you from getting bad news: those crazy kids at Lucky Goldstar have revealed that your helping of Android Ice Cream Sandwich is only coming in Q3.

It's been a painful journey down the long and winding road to Android salvation for Optimus 2X owners, made doubly so by the fact that it seems they're no closer to the promised land of Android 4.0 than they were six months ago.

It started out back in October, when LG responded to the inevitable wave of “what about me?” upgrade queries that follows the announcement of every new version of Android with the bad news that the Optimus 2X wasn't being lined up for an upgrade to ICS at all.

Maybe the company wasn't aware of how many of the things it had actually sold, or maybe it was just playing hard to get very badly, but barely a month later and the outright no had softened to a maybe, then became a yes, and by Christmas the Optimus 2X was listed for some upgrade action along with the other chosen ones, with the ICS update promised for Q2 2012.

However, LG seems to have quietly changed that to Q3 and seems to be hoping no-one will notice. It actually revealed the news a couple of weeks ago already through the LG Mobile Singapore Facebook page, confirming the Q3 timescale but not bothering to give a reason for the delay, or indeed even acknowledging that there was one.

Now fair enough, LG has made a bit of a mess of things here, and even if the delay was completely unavoidable is clearly guilty of bad communication at the very least.

But what I'd like to know is just how long is it going to be before Google actually starts getting some heat itself? Is it giving up even pretending to care about fragmentation now that it's got 50% market share?

Ice Cream Sandwich was announced more than six months ago now, and a hell of a lot of Android users have still never seen it. There's enough of a grey area around the whole open source thing that Google can no doubt hide in – maybe that was the plan all along – but it's getting more than a little annoying.

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hicks12  May. 14, 2012 at 21:27

Now i agree that LG is terrible in the software but hardware is a different story, solid as soon as you have third parties fixing the roms! Id say my decision to grab an O2x was the best decision ever, the phone at the end of my two year contract with orange works out to have cost me only £168! That was in may, a month or two before SGS2 had been release and the £35 p/m didnt look good to me at all!. You could only get maybe a wildfire near that price range :P.

Back onto the software, ICS hasnt actually been delayed yet and its getting annoying... i have little faith in LG but didnt they up their software team by double or 10x late last year to solve all these issues? There is a newer LG post saying that THE EU has not been delayed. https://www.facebook.com/LG/posts/45107032157515%C2%AD7
thats a few days after this silly delay fb post (which was at the end of april might i add).

Another thing is the fact Nvidia are the crap company here, they have held back important code and basically say that only OEM are allowed access so we are always waiting for LG to make use of these resources, then reverse engineer it to use it properly.

Im contemplating my next phone as an LG, my O2x has been solid with a custom ROM and the L2(i think?) is shaping up nicely with buckets of ram (2gb) slightly better PPI than competitiors due to the smaller 4.5/4.6" screen but 720p again, and a quad core qualcomm chip which will be better than everyone else currently, best of all is that if LG make a mess of it on the OS side (seems likely, but it has ICS! :P ) then we will have everything available to pump out solid third party ROMs as the resources arent locked to OEM only!.

See at as a win win, hopefully can grab it on £15 a month when my contract is up in a year haha.

PhilK  May. 14, 2012 at 22:43

I stupidly left the LG ROM to go the so called "promised land" of roms like clockworkmod and MIUI - well, a mistake - they not only are not better, they are in fact a LOT worse and less stable. Not to mention having an abysmal battery life.

hicks12  May. 14, 2012 at 22:52

Ive never got on with MIUI roms, its a terrible GUI atleast IMO... and abysmal battery life, depends on the custom rom and what baseband you have and if you calibrated the battery after flashing the new rom.

Id recommend modaco roms or http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1503459

You cant just jump in and expect amazing roms etc, best thing todo is take about an hour of your time, sit down and read through everything :P.

Must also point out that the clockworkmod is not a ROM, its a means to install third party roms :P. And branding it from just MIUI is a bit harsh, these roms seriously kick stocks ass if setup properly :).

I also find my battery life to depend entirely on my location, my home has terrible signal yet at university the signal is strong and i actually managed 3.5 days at uni, where as the same usage was only a day and 2 hours at home!.

hicks12  May. 14, 2012 at 23:18

also, if you really are struggling with good custom roms, simply flash back the original stock rom :). No harm done !

PhilK  May. 14, 2012 at 23:30

Yes, yes...clcokworkmod isn't - just couldn't think of the actual name of the mod concerned (still can't\) and sitting down for hours, no thanks.
I wasn't aware you could just get back to LG - many further info ?
MIUI is absolutely dreadful for battery life, and the amount of chinese lettering here and there gets irritating very quickly (Yes, I know it's Chinese)
Thanks for the help, Hicks12 Could you point me in the direction ?.

hicks12  May. 14, 2012 at 23:55

Yeah i agree with MIUI, id stay away :P.


Should be all you need to know on how to get back to stock, best thing todo is to follow those steps and then simply update your phone via LG, they have a software tool on their website or it can be done OTA(i think?), as vb is a bit old now, the later LG stock roms are much better but for me they dont go well still :(.

best of luck!.


Make sure you download this : http://www.modaco.com/topic/336318-11-nov-r2-backtoext3-for-converting-your-device-er-back-to-ext3/ as you mentioned MIUI which is based off CM7 it will use EXT4, stock is EXT3 so id recommend doing this just to be double sure... all you need todo is setup like the nv flash guide but before you actually go through the whole thing simply drop this over to your phone and flash the zip like you would a new rom in clockwork :).


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