LG Optimus 4X HD on sale in Europe

LG Optimus 4X HD on sale in EuropeThe Samsung Galaxy S III appears to have taken mobileland by storm since it was released two weeks ago (though some of us weren't overly impressed). Looks like any competitor without an i-prefix will have its work cut out to take Samsung on.

Step forward, LG. The South Koreans' national competitor has started flooding Europe with its latest flagship handset, the Optimus 4X HD. And we have to say, we're pretty darn excited about getting our hands on one to play with.

It's been a lifetime since this baby was announced (well, MWC in February but it feels like a lifetime when you're gagging to get hold of one) and it definitely looks like it can walk the walk as well as do its fair share of talking.

The Optimus 4X HD has some rather impressive specs - including a 4.7-inch display (high definition, of course) as well as NVIDIA 4-Plus-1 Quad Core processor (Tegra 3).

It's already gone on sale in Germany and reaches us here in Blighty later this week as well as the Netherlands, Sweden and Spain.

The sad thing is - and we'll go out on a limb here - we don't expect it to be a big success. Why? Well, quite simply, the smartphone market feels really sown up right now.

Apple's iPhone is leading the way in terms of nabbing a huge amount of consumers and the Android alternative is now in Samsung's hands thanks to a very respectable and succesful advertising campaign. The likes of BlackBerry and Windows Phone are also around but more on the periphery.

Samsung's renewed vigour and dominance in the Android arena has, somewhat, come at the expense of HTC's and the likes of LG and other manufacturers are - in the best possible way - fighting over the scraps.

We really want LG to do well here. Yes, its last few efforts have been pretty pants (we'd tell you about the battery on the Optimus 3D last year but would probably just end up in fits of laughter) but cast your mind back and you'll realise that LG has had some pretty cool ideas.

They may not have changed the world but there was a time (six years ago) when the Chocolate was the handset to have. And then there was the nifty little Shine as well as a few others along the line.

In terms of effort, LG has been having a go. Although it's not really found its feet yet. And now, the fact of the matter is, no matter how good the Optimus 4X HD turns out to be, the operators are all going to be pushing the likes of the Galaxy S III for those who think they're too cool for an iPhone.

What do you guys reckon? Would you get one?

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