Is *this* the LG Optimus G2?

Is *this* the LG Optimus G2?Last week I asked: Is this the LG Optimus G2? Today I’m posing, er, the exact same question.

We’re looking at an unnamed LG device with an apparent edge-to-edge display, sitting on, uhm, a pile of cables and that.

The possible LG Optimus G2 leak comes from the evleaks twitter account, a frequent source of early shots of new smartphones.

The evleaks guys themselves don’t say much about the phone, simply whispering: “Thin-bezeled LG, redux”.

The LG Optimus G Pro is the South Korean manufacturer’s current flagship, and boasts a 5.5in 1080p display, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, 3,140mAh battery, and a 13MP rear camera. Impressive stuff.

Indeed, it’s not clear how the LG Optimus G2 will outdo its predecessor, though one spec being touted at this early stage is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor.

LG hasn’t been paying us a great deal of attention of late. There’s still no sign of the LG Optimus G Pro in the UK, but we’ve been told to expect the LG Optimus G2 in Q3. That’d be lovely.

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