LG Optimus G2 to host rear volume rocker?

LG Optimus G2 to host rear volume rocker?We’re really spoiled for choice when it comes to smartphone flagships at the moment, and South Korean manufacturer LG is expected to unveil its latest and greatest in just over one month.

I speak of the LG (Optimus) G2, and we’re getting a sneak peek at the phone courtesy of some leaked video stills. Rear volume rocker, anyone?

We’re crediting twitter account @evleaks for the LG Optimus G2 shots, or should I say LG G2?

LG is rumoured to be ditching the Optimus brand from its flagship phones, and it doesn’t come more flagship than the LG G2. That’s the way it’s written, incidentally, in the four stills.

There’s also confirmation of a front-facing camera for sexy-time video calls, but that kinda goes without saying. The Optimus G Pro, LG’s current flagship, has a 2.1MP front shooter.

Bizarrely, the stills also appear to show the volume rocker on the rear of the LG G2. That’s rather unorthodox, with the volume rocker traditionally appearing on the side.

That’s pretty much all we can garner for now from the LG G2 shots. Other rumoured LG G2 specs include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor (actually, that’s confirmed), 13MP rear camera, and a 1080p display around the 5.5in mark.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 26, 2013 at 12:18

Some Acer Liquid models have the power button on the back. Unusual, but not such a stupid idea - drop a phone and it miraculously will land on the corner where a button is located 9 out of ten times... Of course, the phone can't be one of those 'thinnest of the month' models


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