LG Optimus LTE Tag announced: NFC with a twist

LG Optimus LTE Tag announced: NFC with a twistWe can't help wondering if there may well be another battle ahead in mobile-land - this time between South Korean competitors LG and Samsung.

We say this only on the basis that this brand new LG smartphone, the LG Optimus LTE Tag looks suspiciously like the Samsung Galaxy S2.  And not just in looks, but specs too. More on that in a mo.

First though, we're sure you'll be on the edge of your seat to know where the name comes from... so let us oblige. The Optimus LTE Tag has that tag (geddit?) because it's running LG's Tag+ technology which is basically LG's take on the buzzword of the moment: NFC.

Tag+ allows you to team up your handset with NFC stickers (or tags) which then automatically changes settings for you depending on what you want to do so, for example, if you have a tag in your kitchen telling it to turn Wi-Fi on, when you walk in, that's what will happen.

If you have a tag in your car, it'll recognise it and turn Bluetooth on as you enter. Clever, huh? Though we do confess that we are clutching our pearls at the thought of what this may mean for battery life.

The LG Optimus LTE Tag is, as you'd expect, an Android-toting device with a lovely 4.3-inch display though the resolution is only 800x480 so is not going to make your eyes bleed with its innovation.

Powering it, we have 1.2 of your finest GHz and a rather old fashioned helping of Android Gingerbread. Ok, So Android 2.3 isn't that old fashioned but it does seem kinda lame considering that Ice Cream Sandwich has been out and about for a few months now. Luckily, we hear that the upgrade will be forthcoming.

There's 16GB of storage, plus two cameras (1.3MP on the front and a rather disappointing 5MP effort on the back - not what we'd have expected from LG!) as well as a not-too-shabby 1,700mAh battery though we'll reserve judgement on that until later considering LG isn't known for battery life longevity.

But aside from a few small differences, see what we mean about the similarities to the Galaxy S II?

Unfortunately, we won't get a chance to pass judgement for a little while because there's no word on when/if this little number will arrive in the UK. And with 'LTE' in the title, we imagine it's not necessarily designed with us in mind. Ho hum!

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Treab  Feb. 20, 2012 at 19:16

Now now. lg wth are you thinking unless you plan to sell it for half the price of the sgs2 dont bother...


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