LG Optimus 3D Max 'could still be coming to UK'

LG Optimus 3D Max 'could still be coming to UK'Thinking of getting an LG Optimus 3D Max but concerned it won't be around in Blighty? Well ignore those internet rumours, because no boycott of Britain has been finalised yet by the South Koreans, according to Pocket-lint.

It points out that despite a British retailer tipping news sites off that the device wouldn't be available here, LG has made no firm decision and is still mulling over which territories to ship it to. In fact, there's even a direct quote: "it's still in discussion."

Which means that the LG's successor to the Optimus 3D could very well arrive here despite rumours to the contrary.

Hopefully it'll include a much better battery than the woeful original which was one of the worst we have ever encountered on a mobile phone. We're talking T-Mobile G1 territory here. Technically, it's only 1,580mAh which means that LG will have to put some serious optimisation in there and we're not overly hopeful.

Of course, this tip off could always be an elaborate ruse by LG themselves to generate interest. Not that we could ever imagine a manufacturer doing something like that...

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