LG Optimus Nexus rumours continue to swirl

LG Optimus Nexus rumours continue to swirlThere’s been all sorts of talk of an Optimus G-based LG Nexus purportedly coming soon, though Google laughed it off a few days ago, while Android and Me retracted an earlier report. And that’s the end of that, right? Wrong.

The rumours continue unabated, and now we’re told that the LG Optimus Nexus (or LG Nexus or Nexus G, if you prefer) has been benchmarked.

Let’s have a quick recap. LG recently launched the Optimus G over in Korea, and it’s an absolute beast, packing a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and a meaty 2GB of RAM.

According to various rumourmongers, the LG Optimus G will land over here with slightly different aesthetics and – more interestingly – Nexus branding.

It’s seemingly going under the codename Mako, and Droid Life has spotted it in a couple of benchmarks.

There’s not a great deal of info to go on, though the S4 Pro processor is seemingly confirmed (via the Adreno 320 GPU), as is Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), while the resolution is recorded as 1196 x 768.

The interesting thing here is that the Mako does indeed appear to exist, though the jury’s still out on whether it's merely a regional LG Optimus G variant, or the next Nexus superphone.

Having said that, Nexus devices tend to have fishy codenames, and Mako is apparently some sort of shark. Hmm, so it is a Nexus device after all? I'm so confused.

In any case, it sounds like something we want to play with. Hurry up!

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