LG Optimus Pad: now on sale for stupid money

LG Optimus Pad: now on sale for stupid moneyGot yourself £750 lying around? Of course you do, we all do. Anyway, head down to Carphone Warehouse and they'll happily relieve you of your wodge in return for one LG Optimus Pad tablet.

They'll even give you a penny in change. Or if that's a little much to pay out in one go, you can sign up for a 24-month deal, in which case the price drops to £299.99. It's practically a steal – though we're not saying who's doing the stealing here.

Now let's be clear – this isn't a go at Carphone Warehouse at all. Their only crime is being first up with their Optimus Pad deals... well, that and listing it under 'mobile phones' on their website instead of 'tablets'.

But really, when everyone was pointing out that the main reason iPad competitors weren't selling was because they were too expensive, it probably wasn't this sort of thing they were hoping for.

LG will argue that the Optimus Pad's big party trick – 3D – makes the asking price worth paying. Having tried it out ourselves we're not so sure, but it's a free world and no doubt there'll be some willing to pay this sort of price for the attraction of taking 3D pics and videos on the spot and playing them back, plus of course a natty pair of 3D specs into the bargain.

That's on top of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a 10.1in screen and of course a dual-core Nvidia 1GHz processor inside. In other words, it's a more than decent tablet. But worth this money? We suspect the sales figures will provide a pretty clear answer.

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