LG Optimus G Pro to get eye-tracking update

LG Optimus G Pro to get eye-tracking updateIt’s Samsung Galaxy S IV launch day, and one of the big features tipped for Sammo’s latest flagship is eye-tracking technology, which - via the front-facing camera - allows you to scroll with your iBalls.

Not to be outdone, South Korea’s other big mobile manufacturer is set to introduce eye-tracking tech for the LG Optimus G Pro.

Perhaps in a bid to take some of the shine off of the Samsung Galaxy S IV launch, LG has fired out an eye recognition press release. Today. March 14. Amazing.

So now when Samsung gets all excited about eye-tracking later tonight, we’ll all be like: “Yeah man, the LG Optimus G Pro is getting that too. What else you got?”

Specifically, eye tracking for the LG Optimus G Pro will yield Smart Video, which pauses video playback when you take your eyes off the screen. Or, as LG puts it: “eliminates the need to manually control playback during the viewing experience”. Man, I hate manually controlling stuff. It’s so 20th century.

Actually, is it just me, or does that sound really terrible? So you can’t take your eyes off the screen if someone asks you a question, or you reach out to pick up your coffee, or a fly demands swatting… Maybe there’s some sort of delay; it only pauses if you look away for five seconds or something. Hmm.

The LG Optimus G Pro update will also introduce picture-in-picture, with the front and rear cameras grabbing images simultaneously.

Koreans will be first to see the LG Optimus G Pro update. It’ll start rolling out next month.

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Stelph  Mar. 14, 2013 at 12:43

Does it restart the video again when you look back? That would make it ok I think

Also I could see eye tracking coming to a new range of games in the future, the game flashes up "risky" photos and you get extra points for not looking at the risky parts of the photo, itll top the app store and make me millions! Oh wait, android, maybe not

Pondlife  Mar. 14, 2013 at 12:53

Yeah not just you it doesn't sound all that good an idea.

lcurdie / MOD  Mar. 14, 2013 at 13:45

Does it restart the video again when you look back? That would make it ok I think

Short answer: yes! From the press release:

"Through the implementation of advanced eye recognition technology, Smart Video recognizes the position of the viewer's eyes and automatically plays or stops the video without any manual input from the user. When the viewer's eyes are no longer focused on the smartphone display, the front camera recognizes this and immediately pauses the video automatically. Once the user's gaze returns to the smartphone, the video resumes playback from the point last viewed."

Pondlife  Mar. 14, 2013 at 14:18

Still think it sounds a bit rubbish, stop/start/stop/start/stop/start, mind you not like it won't be possible to switch it off.

morpheus  Mar. 14, 2013 at 16:53

LG stating they are going to release a software update, and actually releasing it are two different matters... I would guess you're looking at a three year timeframe for the alpha release of this.


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