LG Optimus Pro on sale in Italy

LG Optimus Pro on sale in ItalyYet another addition to LG’s burgeoning Optimus range has hit shelves. This new guy is the LG Optimus Pro, a decidedly BlackBerry-esque portrait QWERTY affair.

But don’t get your wallet out just yet. Well, unless you’re willing to fork out for a plane ticket that is. The LG Optimus Pro is only available in Italy, y’see.

In terms of spectorials, the LG Optimus Pro has a 2.8in QVGA display, 3MP camera, and runs Gingerbread (Android 2.3).

Will the LG Optimus Pro come to the UK? Well, it’s anyone’s guess, but the manufacturer recently cut its 2011 sales forecast by 20%, from 30 million to 24 million units.

LG appeared to be cruising earlier this year, with no less than three world’s firsts. There’s the LG Optimus 2X (first dual-core smartphone), the LG Optimus 3D (first autostereoscopic smartphone) and the LG Optimus Pad (first 3D tablet).

Alas, the LG Optimus 2X was plagued with problems, the gimmicky LG Optimus 3D will melt your eyes, and bargain bins are littered with LG Optimus 7s and dumbphones.

Let’s end on a positive. Er, Park Jong-Seok, LG’s head of handsets, says things are “gradually improving”. That’ll do.

via: Eurodroid

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