LG Prada K2: Announcement due on December 14

LG Prada K2: Announcement due on December 14It's probably the worst-kept secret in mobile-land that LG and Prada have hooked up once more to make a designer phone - and now the invitations to an official unveiling event have begun landing in inboxes citing December 14th as the date to keep free. London will be the location.

LG and Prada have made no secret of their desire to get together once more for a third instalment in the posh-phone range and there've even been a couple of 'leaked' pics to whet appetites of those with more money than sense.

What we don't have yet is an official announcement of specs but the general consensus is that it'll rock a 4.3-inch IPS LCD display with WVGA (480 x 800) resolution, an ultra thin profile of 8.8m and an 8MP camera.

Naturally, it'll use Android (we say naturally because it would be a choice between WP7.5 and Android and the latter is the only one Prada could really 'brand') unlike the previous iterations which ran LG's proprietary OS.

We have to say that the jury's out on this one. We remember the pandemonium over the first handset and the slightly less chaotic scenes for the second because they offered something genuinely different at the time. But there is so much out there now, it'll be the name really that drives this forward (No offence, LG - but we refer to Prada here.)

Question is - will that be enough in this age of austerity?

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