LG prepping 3G-ready VC100 smartwatch

LG prepping 3G-ready VC100 smartwatchLG and smartwatches; the story so far. The South Koreans’ first Android Wear smartwatch was the G Watch, while the G Watch R – still not released yet – takes a page out of the Moto 360’s book with a round face.

There appears to be a third prong to the LG smartwatch assault, with the headline feature being 3G-readiness.

It’s the FCC outing the unnamed LG smartwatch, with codename LG-VC100 being all we have to go on for the moment. LG G Watch 3G would be a bit of a mouthful. LG G Watch S, maybe?

In any case, we’re looking at an oval/rectangular design, with the 57.7 x 35.5 mm dimensions coming in slightly smaller than the Samsung Gear S at 58.3 x 39.8 mm.

The mention of the Gear S in particular is relevant because the VC100 sounds like being LG’s answer to Samsung’s 3G-ready wrist hugger.

The Samsung Gear S is capable of making and receiving calls, and sending messages – among other things – without pairing up with a smartphone host, and it’s expected that the LG-VC100 will offer similar functionality.

It’s not clear when the LG-VC100 might be released, but LG being LG, we can expect plenty of official teasing before then.

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