LG readying 32GB Nexus 4 with LTE for Google I/O?

LG readying 32GB Nexus 4 with LTE for Google I/O? The Google Nexus 4 really is LG in a nutshell. First, a lot of people forget it's actually made by LG at all, second it's probably one of the lowest-profile top-tier smartphones around.

But far from those Nexus 5 rumours that were doing the rounds recently, today we're hearing more sensible voices suggesting an upgraded Nexus 4 is in the pipelines, and set to be unleashed at Google I/O next month.

Well, they're more sensible voices as far as we're concerned, but listen for yourself and make up your own mind.

According to SIDH Tech (the first time it's crossed our path as far as we're aware), the current Nexus 4 will be given a triple play of upgrades at Google I/O: it'll be getting 4G LTE support for its already-present LTE radios, an upgrade to the still-rumoured Android Key Lime Pie, and will get a spec jump to 32GB of storage.

So why does it make sense? Well, simply because rumours of a next-gen Nexus 5 or the fabled Motorola X Phone haven't advanced to the point to suggest either is imminent.

The storage and LTE upgrades to the Nexus 4, meanwhile, were suggested as obvious upgrade steps to the existing handset from day one late last year. As for Key Lime Pie, we've lost track of how long the next full version of Android has been seen as coming soon.

The Big G's developer event, which runs from May 15-17, is an obvious time for it to be unveiled, but we've said that before, and Google has typically rolled out its major new Android releases together with an entirely new Nexus handset, not an upgrade to a current model.

Forgetting Android 5.0 for a moment, a more likely excuse for rolling out the 32GB/LTE Nexus 4 upgrades is the release of a CDMA (i.e. US network Verizon-friendly) version of the Nexus 4.

Considering the Nexus 4 only launched towards the end of last year, and has been pretty well received (by those able to find it), replacing it outright with a Nexus 5 less than a year later would be an odd move.

So even though SIDH Tech's sources are entirely unnamed (and indeed the piece seems more a summary of various existing rumours), its suggestion of an upgraded Nexus 4 for Google I/O seems on the money to us – with a major asterisk behind the Android 5.0 KLP part.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 22, 2013 at 11:55

Key Lime Pie...
A NEW Android.
Here a rant:
Android AND iOS need REAL upgrades! Both are now fairly aged and are beginning to creak under the weight of add-ons and "improvements"...
We talk about Android 4 or iOS 6 - but both are essentially unchanged - just more of it. And more confusing then when. They were fresh and "less convoluted" than Symbian or BB5 or WinMo 6.1...

I see little improvement when upgrades add bloat, make menus more confusing and rely on set-up tutorials...

krogothnx  Apr. 22, 2013 at 17:16

was the nexus 4 not supposed to have inactive LTE capabilities as some forward-thinking for T-Mobile USA when they got their LTE network up and running, and some canadians found it was the same bands that they used there and it could be activated with a simple system command?


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