LG Z to rival Samsung's flexible Galaxy Note 3 Active

LG Z to rival Samsung's flexible Galaxy Note 3 ActiveSamsung is expected to launch its first ever flexible display smartphone this month – the Galaxy Note 3 Active – but it now looks like it'll have company practically from day one thanks to rival Korean tech giant LG.

The latest whisperings from the Far East tell us the flexible screened LG Z is already in production, and is also set to launch this month as LG looks to tempt early adopters away from Samsung's offering.

We've heard a fair bit about LG's flexible ambitions over the months, but things have moved on a fair bit since we last checked in. ZDNet Korea is now telling us (in Korean, unfortunately) that LG's take on the flexi-form screen will be called either the Z (in keeping with LG's new simplified naming style) of the Z1, and will come with a concave curved display.

The fact that we're only hearing mention of the LG Z now for the first time makes talk of a full launch this very much seem a bit far-fetched. But with Samsung's rival device expected this month, it seems LG is going flat out in a bid to get to the finish line first.

That said, Samsung's CEO let slip in a meeting with reporters today that the Galaxy Note 3 Active will be announced as soon as next week.

In the end, it's all a bit of a storm about nothing since neither phone's display will actually be flexible in the truly “bendy” sense, simply because the chassis and internal components it is attached to are themselves rigid.

For now the benefits of screen flexibility will be limited to the improved durability of a display that flexes rather than cracks or shatters.

And anyway, flexible OLED displays aren't being produced in anything like serious numbers at this point, so it's very much early days for this emerging new feature.

Via Unwired View

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