LG, Samsung lining up 1080p smartphones for 2013?

LG, Samsung lining up 1080p smartphones for 2013?It's been a long time in coming, but 2013 looks to be the year when full HD 1080p displays on smartphones finally hit the mainstream.

The announcement of the 1080p HTC J Butterfly in Japan last week caused a serious flutter in the mobile tech press, but that's just the start, with both Samsung and LG reportedly lining up full HD smartphones of their own to launch in the first half of next year.

That's the word from Korean daily MK News, which quotes its industry sources as saying the two Korean electronics giants are hard at work on 1080p smartphones to make sure HTC and Sony with the forthcoming 5in Odin doesn't have this emerging smartphone market all to themselves for too long.

And yes, I haven't forgotten the Oppo Find 5, which got there before all of the above, and there may well be others too, but I'm talking major smartphone players on the global stage here.

Back to MK News, though, and the publication reckons Samsung's effort will stick with the company's stock AMOLED technology, while LG will springboard from the LCD-based 1080p prototype it demo'd a while back.

With further details thin on the ground at this point, it's too early to gauge the accuracy of the claims. But there's every chance the rumours are indeed true given the LG prototype and Samsung's traditional strength in the display department.

The MK News report says nothing on actual screen sizes, but we're definitely talking 5in and up here – anyone else thinking Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Of course, some will argue (and some recently have) that delivering a 1080p resolution on a smartphone-sized display is a pointless exercise, as the pixel density is so high the naked eye won't notice any difference over a 720p screen.

But even if that's true, the prestige factor associated with full HD, not to mention its familiarity thanks to the TV market, means there's still plenty of scope for spinning the technology as a hero feature on the next generation of top-end smartphones, regardless of whether you can actually tell the difference or not.

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morpheus  Oct. 24, 2012 at 20:06

When will phone manufacturers stop concentrating on meaningless specs just to sound good when what peoplereally want is a bloody battery that will last (a lot) longer than 12 hours....

EAN  Oct. 24, 2012 at 22:03

Maybe phone manufacturers are concentrating on people like me. I have no problem with battery life on typical days. If I run the GPS or CPU intensive apps for long periods of time, I may need to charge during the day, but that is rare. On the other hand I would love to see more on my screen. I currently have a 4.3in 720p. Many phones now have larger than 4.3in screens. I don't see the point of that unless the screen can display more data. 1080p is a must for 5in or bigger screens, or there is no improvement in the amount of data displayed from what I have.

morpheus  Oct. 25, 2012 at 15:01

I think you are confusing what a smartphone actually is EAN - to me, anything with 5in or bigger screens is not a smartphone... in fact I believe "Phablet" is the accepted term for such a device.

The article above, and my comment, relates to smartphones though - you have a valid point, just for a different argument...


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