LG and Samsung to test the flexible mobile display waters in November?

LG and Samsung to test the flexible mobile display waters in November?I listed flexible displays as one of Five mobile technologies we can live without yesterday, and somewhat ironically we have an update on the promise that’s taken several years to deliver.

We’re told that both LG and Samsung will release phones with flexible displays in November this year. Get bent.

That doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, with LG already threatening to release a flexible phone later this year, and heated rival Samsung hardly about to sit back and let them have all the fun.

Credit here goes to an article on South Korea’s etnews, which in turn credits, er, “the industry on August 19”.

Supposedly we should expect “unbreakable and light” concept phones, and it’s suggested that said lightness might invite larger batteries.

Ultimately, the flexible phones will be released in relatively small quantities in order to gauge public reaction: next big thing or flash in the pan?

Incidentally, the article mentions that both LG and Samsung will struggle to hit true mass production, with hundreds of thousands of units per month being a likely figure. If the phones prove successful, we'll see more investment in flexible phone production. Makes sense.

Finally, Japanese and Taiwanese manufacturers (presumably that’s Sony and HTC, primarily) are said to be investing in flexible OLED too, but with “a long way to go until mass production”.

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