LG tells us the G2's name. It's the LG G2

LG tells us the G2's name. It's the LG G2Few companies can match LG when it comes to turning a simple product launch into a never-ending stream of press releases and launch events – just cast your mind back to MWC.

And it seems it's cranking up the PR machine again, as it's just pushed out a press release to tell us the Optimus G's successor will officially be called the LG G2. Which we already knew.

The likelihood of the “Optimus” part of the name falling away emerged quite a while ago, and while LG's official pronouncement on the subject doesn't say if the Optimus branding will continue elsewhere in LG's mobile umbrella (as has been rumoured), it does make it clear that the G2 will be known simply as, well, the G2.

So why the change of title? LG Mobile CEO Dr Jong-seok Park has the answers: “Our vision is to make LG's newest G devices synonymous with excellence, raising the bar even further for the ultimate in user experience.” Ah, right.

As a minor aside, we're also told the “Vu” title first used in labelling the unpopular Optimus Vu phablet with its odd 4:3 aspect ratio will be used from now on for all premium 4:3 display smartphones... which will no doubt also be unpopular.

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