LG Tone+ headset welcomes ‘HD’ LTE calls via Bluetooth

LG Tone+ headset welcomes ‘HD’ LTE calls via BluetoothLucky Goldstar has announced the successor to its LG Tone (HBS-730) headset, which was reportedly a “top-seller” for online retailers such as Amazon.

You’re looking at the LG Tone+, whose standout feature is support for voice over LTE, or “VoLTE”. Love that acronym.

It’s not all about LTE, however. The LG Tone+ is said to be “richer and clearer” all round compared to its trusty predecessor. There’s also an extended bass register that promises to satisfy “even the most demanding audiophile”.

The LG Tone+ can pair with two devices simultaneously, with Audible Pairing Assistance, Vibrating Call Alert and Audible Battery Status Alert doing, well, pretty much what they say on the tin.

Speaking of battery, the LG Tone+ offers 15 hours of talk time, and 500 hours standby.

Finally, BT Reader, LG’s own Android app, can read texts aloud, so you can keep your hands on the steering wheel or your groin or whatever.

Consumers in the US, Korea and China will be first to get their hands on the LG Tone+ headset, at the end of this month. No mention of the UK just yet, but we are of course getting LTE soon. Sort of.

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