LG Uni8 Windows Phone 8 smartphone on the way?

LG Uni8 Windows Phone 8 smartphone on the way?It's all been rather quiet on the new Windows Phone 8 hardware front lately, but details are emerging of a new handset running Microsoft's mobile OS courtesy of the trusted @evleaks.

And stone the crows but it isn't a Nokia either – in fact, the latest impending WP release looks to be coming our way from LG.

It's called the LG Uni8, and according to @evleaks' tweet it'll be announced at some point this year – and surely sooner rather than later if we're at full-blown press render leak stage.

Without any further information supplied, all we can do is look over the pic itself to see what can be seen, and probably the most noticeable thing about LG's rumoured WP contender is the rather skinny bezel.

That should keep the overall size in check, which you'll appreciate if you're under-endowed in the pocket department since the screen size looks pretty big – probably around the 6in mark.

From the looks of things the Uni8 doesn't feature any physical buttons at all, which is fine for on-screen navigation purposes but will probably be less popular if you're the type that takes lots of photos using your phone.

That aside, the design is about as middle of the road as it gets – neat and tidy, but offering nothing much to make you look twice.

If the Uni8 is being primed for release it'll be some timely good news for Microsoft. With Nokia accounting for upwards of 90% of all Windows Phones sold, Microsoft's takeover of the Finnish company has all but turned Windows Phone into a proprietary platform. An endorsement of the OS from any other major player at this stage will no doubt be very much appreciated up Redmond way.

That's if the Uni8 is actually released. On contacting LG for comment on the speculation, Engadget was told directly “this isn't a phone that we're going to see released this year”. We'll see.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 14, 2014 at 11:43

Been using a Lumia 1520 for a week. On the weekend, after searching for feedback, I decided to install the WP 8.1 dev preview. I hate to say this ( I don't like MS): WP8.1 - if this preview is anything to go by - may well be the neatest, smoothest mobile OS out there. I am very impressed, and very tempted to stay with the Lumia 1520 despite its ridiculous bulk.
So, bring on the competition.

Also: it's incredible how finished WP8.1. 'beta' feels compared to the screwy updates Apple have released since the iPhone 5. So, another reason to feel good about a Lumia - even though MS don't deserve my money :p


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