LG ups the ante with the Optimus Ex

LG ups the ante with the Optimus ExIf Hollywood is the home of movies, Japan the home of sushi and Liverpool the home of great music (slight bias!) then South Korea has to be the home of mobiles.

Not content with giving us some amazing offerings from Samsung (especially in the last 12 months), LG is now really upping its game too - with the Optimus Ex.

It certainly looks sweet with Android 2.3, a super-bright 4-inch 700 nits IPS display with WVGA resolution, 1.2GHz Tegra 2 dual-core processor, DLNA, HDMI support and even a DMB digital TV tuner (very handy if you like South Korean TV since that bit will only work there.)

The whole idea is that the screen will be bright enough for outdoor use and slim enough to carry around at 9.65mm with a weight of just 127g. Pocketability and portability, see.

However, there is one thing that leaves a sour taste already. Being in Korean, we're unable to decipher the original press release and work out what camera this baby packs but we can't help noticing there is a significant lack of flash/LED light on the rear.

This immediately makes us want to smack our heads against a brick wall due to wasted opportunity - just like we did when we first got our mitts on the Samsung Galaxy S.

Initially, this is going to be a native phone for the South Koreans with SK Telecom getting it first. But although there is no word on the Brits getting a version, we're optimistic. LG has a real new lease of life these days courtesy of Android and will soon be looking to replace the Optimus 2X range which hasn't done too badly here.

Just as well really as the days of us Brits being wowed by LG are, sadly, over. The era of ogling handsets like the Chocolate KG800 or the Shine which genuinely brought something new to the table at the time are gone.

Since then, we've had various mediocre offerings, plus a few that have tried to be different but not really taken off (remember this one?!) and a spattering of Android handsets.

The Optimus 3D was genuinely amazing for about the first ten mins until we realised that the 3D bit had given us a headache, plus the battery had gone down 75% in that time (slight exaggeration but not far off) and when the 3D was taken out, all we were left with was an oversized, bricky Android slab.

Hopefully the Optimus Ex will fix that. If it ever makes its way over here. And LG sort out that flash!

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socialjeebus  Sep. 28, 2011 at 11:40

Virtually every Korean phone comes with DMB, they have done for years. Still it's a shame that only Samsung and LG export to the UK, the Sky Vega No. 5 is a quality phone.


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