LG gets in on the voice action with Quick Voice

LG gets in on the voice action with Quick VoiceMan, you gotta love a bandwagon! And we have one right here in the form of voice assistants. Yup, where Apple goes, others will follow - even when they've actually been there before.

Despite voice action technology having been around for yonks, iOS' Siri gave it a breath of life, to be duly copied (of course) by Samsung's S-Voice. And now Sammy's South Korean arch-rival LG is getting in on the act with Quick Voice.

Unsurprisingly it does basically what every other voice assistant service offers: it can call people, text people, launch apps, search the web and Youtube, set alarms and so on directly from your own vocal instruction.

Where it definitely scores some plus points, though, is in the fact that Quick Voice hasn't just been designed for current and future generations of handsets, LG reckons it'll be available on older handsets too, and will be arriving via a software update sometime in the next month or so.

That's nice enough, but it does have to be said that with Android you're already spoilt for choice, and have been for a while now. Google's Voice Actions has been with us since the launch of the Nexus One all of two and a half years ago, and we were big fans of that.

Yes, Siri made the whole thing a little more punter-friendly and easier to use, plus rolled in a bit of an artificial sense of humour, but Android devs have been working hard themselves, and it's not like mobile users on Google's platform have been left out in the cold.

We're big fans of Speak To It Assistant, which was one of the first to provide decent opposition to Siri. Yes, it's a bit more playschool - but it's just as fun. So if S-Voice, or indeed Quick Voice, is rubbish in your eyes, there are still dozens of other assistant-like options for you to download from Google Play that do the same old thing.

Via LG (translated)

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morpheus  Jun. 22, 2012 at 12:28

Think I might have mentioned this on here before (haha) but LG are **** at software. If they have created this then you can guarantee it'll be full of bugs and slow as hell and kill your phone.

Apart from that, great work LG, nothing like being at the forefront of technology...


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