LG W Watch revealed in trademark listing, loves health stuff

LG W Watch revealed in trademark listing, loves health stuffThe Android Wear-infused LG G Watch (left) still isn’t on the market, but already we’re hearing word of a possible successor – or at least a companion device.

Ladies and/or gentlemen, I speak of the LG W Watch (good lord, that name), which appears to be a smartwatch with a focus on fitness stuff. Look out, Samsung Gear Fit!

The LG W Watch is revealed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or “USPTO” as the cool kids call it.

Under ‘IDENTIFICATION’, the LG W Watch threatens to deliver “Computer software for wireless data communications for receiving, processing, transmitting and displaying the information of exercise/body fat/BMI”.

And if all that wasn’t enough, there’s THIS: “Portable terminals for personal use for recording/organizing/transmitting/controlling/reviewing the health and health care, and receiving the text, data, image, audio file”.

LG W Watch specs will seemingly also include “pulse measuring devices” and “heartbeat measuring apparatus”.

Exciting stuff. Uhm, if you happen to subscribe to all this “wearable tech” nonsense, with the fitness and the whatnot.

The existence of the LG W Watch makes us think the LG G Watch (don’t go confusing the two now) won’t give a crud about fitness stuff, focusing instead on the greatness of Android Wear with the Google Now and the always-on display and the “Ok google”.

We learned this week, officially, that the LG G Watch will come in Stealth Black and Champagne Gold, with water and dust-resistance.

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