LG Wine Smart: a clamshell smartphone?

LG Wine Smart: a clamshell smartphone?Cast your minds back a few years and you might recall there was nothing – literally nothing cooler than a clamshell phone. Flipping that bad boy open to answer a call? Truly, the future had arrived.

Some folk are still making clamshells of the smartphone variety, and LG looks set to take the lid off its first flippin’ effort, the Wine Smart.

As the name perhaps suggests, the LG Wine Smart pulls LG’s popular clamshell Wine range kicking and screaming into smartphone territory.

LG is seemingly running some sort of Wine Smart promotion until September 21, and while our Korean’s a little rusty, the clamshell design is clear for all to see.

Cranking the brightness on our video display units, we can just make out a numeric keypad on the bottom portion, while the top half will obviously house the display. Obviously.

Last year, Samsung unveiled two smart flip-phones in rapid succession, namely the Galaxy Hennessy, and the Galaxy Golden, the latter aimed at those in their golden years. Amazing.

It’s not clear if the LG Wine Smart will offer similar dual-screen functionality with a display on either side of the top portion, but we’ll supposedly find out either way towards the end of the month.

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