LG-built Google smartwatch specs: 1.65in IPS LCD, 512MB RAM, 4GB storage?

LG-built Google smartwatch specs: 1.65in IPS LCD, 512MB RAM, 4GB storage?Call us cynical, but we’re still observing with complete and utter disinterest as smartwatch after smartwatch is announced. Maybe we’re too old to ‘get’ it or something. I dunno.

In any case, Google is tipped to join the party in a few short months, and in the meantime we gots Google smartwatch specs.

Credit here goes to @evleaks, a leak machine so trusted that we don’t even bother to ask – or even wonder – where his info comes from any more.

The big man (or perhaps small lady) blurts: “More Google (LG) smartwatch specs: 1.65" IPS LCD @ 280x280, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, processor TBD.”

To give those figures some context, the Samsung Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo have a smaller 1.63in display and higher 320 x 320 resolution. Will it matter on such a tiny display? Probably not. What's a few dozen PPI between friends?

Presumably the Google smartwatch will run some flavour of Android (what else?), while its commercial name will likely be 'Nexus smartwatch'.

Of course, LG has previously teamed with Google for Nexus action, churning out the Nexus 4 in 2012 and the Nexus 5 last year.

The Nexus smartwatch (if we can call it that) is expected to launch at Google I/O 2014 in June.

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spruceyb  Mar. 14, 2014 at 17:24

I'm tempted to see what price it will come in at.

Have been looking at the SmartQ Z Watch recently, reviews on YouTube are pretty positive and looks nice for approx £60 considering it does most things Jawbone UP, Fitbit Flex etc would do


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