LG’s 2014 smartphone shipments up 25% year-on-year

LG’s 2014 smartphone shipments up 25% year-on-yearWe heard throughout the year that LG was having a great old time in smartphones, with record high shipments in Q2, and yet more record high shipments in Q3, so it comes as little surprise to hear that - on the whole – LG’s 2014 was flippin’ awesome.

The headline here is that LG’s 2014 smartphone shipments were up a massive 25% compared to 2013.

South Korea’s second favourite son has been grinding away for years, largely casting off its reputation for terrible software support (it was one of the first manufacturers to roll out Lollipop last year), and becoming an industry leader in many respects (the LG G3 was the first global smartphone with a QHD display; the LG G Flex was the first proper “banana phone”, and comes with a "Self Healing" rear).

Strategy Analytics puts LG smartphone shipments at 20 million in 2011, and 26.3 million in 2012. A massive leap followed with 47.6 million shipped in Q3, and we’re rising still to 59.6 million in 2014. That’s a lot of phones, man. A lot of phones.

LG attributes its success to the LG G range, headed by the G3 and supported by the likes of the G3 Stylus and G3 beat. The South Koreans also launched a flip phone with a dedicated Kakao Talk button (they’re cuckoo for Kakao over there).

This year got off to a bang with the LG G Flex 2, and the manufacturer is reportedly taking its time perfecting the flagship G4. Nice work.

The Chinese smartphone boom is tipped to calm down this year, too, meaning 2015 is Looking Good (see what I did there?) for LG.

via: Korea Herald

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