LG's LU6200 HD screened Android beast pops up in Korea

LG's LU6200 HD screened Android beast pops up in KoreaNew phones are popping up all the time – just as well otherwise we wouldn't have much to do in our day jobs here in Mobot Land.

But there really do seem to be a lot of the buggers in the pipelines right now, and the latest we're hearing about is the LG LU6200, an Android-powered 4.5-incher with a pretty serious spec headed up by a fully 720p screen.

High-def screens on mobile phones has been seen as a bit of a holy grail for a while now, as it's all about pixel density and what you can squeeze into a phone's limited dimensions.

LG's new LU6200 partly evades the issue by going for a huge 4.5in screen size, but it's still pretty impressive managing to tick the HD box of a 720p resolution all the same.

And it doesn't end there – there's also a 1.5GHz processor to look forward to (which is looking like the new benchmark speed for high-spec next gen phones), plus your standard 8-megapixel camera, 1GB of RAM and 4GB of built-in storage.

There's also a pretty impressive 1830mAh battery – though taking another look at that spec, you're probably going to need every bit of it.

Android Gingerbread is running the show on the OS front, and the LU6200 is all set to go on pre-order in Korea on September 26. Sadly there's no hint yet on any timeframe for an international launch.

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