Why are we still liable for charges incurred by stolen phones?

Why are we still liable for charges incurred by stolen phones?Here’s something you might not have considered: if someone steals your phone, yeah, the actual phone might be rendered useless with a passcode or whatever, but what about the SIM card?

Answer: you could be liable for a stonking great bill for calls made to dodgy premium numbers – that’s despite an existing government agreement with the Big Four to impose a limit.

Vanessa Furey, Senior Campaigner and resident eye candy at Which?, sends out a Furey-ous reminder in You shouldn’t have to foot the bill for stolen phones. Preach it, sister.

The government-endorsed agreement was announced way back in December 2013, and while Three has imposed a cap of £100 if your phone is reported stolen within 24 hours, EE, O2 and Vodafone have all failed to make good.

Lady Furey suggests you should have a full 48 hours before being considered liable for all costs incurred by your stolen phone/SIM card.

Personally, that seems a tad generous (cue dodgy peeps "accidentally" losing their SIMs), though there could be legitimate reasons why you wouldn’t immediately a) notice your phone had been stolen, or b) be able to report the theft.

But the point is: the government and the Big Four agreed to impose limits friggin’ ages ago, so why haven’t all four networks acted accordingly? Perhaps we should all unleash our inner Furey and ask: WHY, NETWORKS, WHY?

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