Is living near a mobile tower safe?

I’m looking at moving into a flat that’s right next to a mobile tower. Would it be safe to live there? What do you guys think?

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 9, 2011 at 16:57

Being a total hypocrite I'd say NO. If we have learned anything from the Big Tobacco suits of the 90s it is this: lies lies lies. Oh, and: scientists are cheap.

In my lifetime US health experts (state officials in California's 'equivalent' to the NHS e.g.) proclaimed 'a pack a day can actually be good for you; and absolutely no link to cancer'!

I'm not saying dump your phone, but I personally find myself in a real dilemma. I have read countless studies about EMR and health, and I'm regularly stumped because both the anti- and pro-phone sects sound motivated by grant greed rather than scientific curiosity and urgency.
I wouldn't move in next door to a celltower. I don't even use microwave ovens. I'm cynical though, and phones are obviously here to stay like bad popmusic and STDs, so if they possibly attack our health, at least let's get the most out of them. That is why I enjoy helping folks use them efficiently. I don't feel the slightest impulse to ridicule anyone who is 'overly' concerned.
I should mention that I smoke too;) But picking my one poison of choice is different to, say, Monsanto polluting my crops without telling me ;)

History is shouting quite clearly: do not trust anyone. I still want a HP Pre 3 though!

JanSt / MOD  Mar. 9, 2011 at 17:19

Here are excerpts from a couple of anti mast studies

Of course, I should mention that a recent UK gov study said living near phone masts is safe. But, let's not kid ourselves: how suicidal would a government have to be to say, oops, celltowers cause cancer but we can't relocate you so have a chatty death ;) Imagine a party a day before the elections saying, hey, we're gonna ban alcohol, and all cars will be throttled so they can't go faster than 60mph ;)
The problem to me is: how much EMR is too much? Last year someone calculated that we now live with 120 million times the EMR of our grandparents!!! Regardless of where we live!
Television, RFID scanners in Supermarkets, wifi, Bluetooth, radio, etc etc etc... Maybe we can take it all?

And will NOT living near a tower safe your life when you eat processed additives and use Aspartame sweetened chlorinated water to flush down that Prozac you need to get to that next Friday?

frodolovesthering  Mar. 9, 2011 at 17:26

It is a bit scary if you start to look into it.

JanSt / MOD  Mar. 9, 2011 at 18:05

Sure, Frodo,
Definitely would be foolish to just dismiss it as some kind of eco/luddite conspiracy...
Take light: our eyes evolved over millions of years to handled light of all sorts of frequencies. Yet, we know certain images can trigger seizures in some people or migraines in others. Certain other frequencies help people with depression. The frquencies of cats' purring is proven to aid the healing process of broken bones (nasa developed tools to use a similar process to 'purring' mats to help astronauts keep bone strength.)
Acupuncture worksin conjunction with our bodies' electricity 'circuits'; scientists can measure the frequencies of our cells, and it is proven that cancer cells run on different frequencies (could explain why some pets 'sniff' out tumours with a 100pc success rate)... We are talking all sorts of interaction and interference of sometimes minute amounts of 'radiation'/emr/frequency imbalance... It is, imho, foolish to be blasse about caution when it comes to this relatively new thing, called cell phone tower.

When BPA and other plastic ingredients were found out to be gender-bending cancerogenics, scientists were amazed when it suddenly dawned on them how easy it was for those man made chemicals to mimic estrogens. Reason: our bodies never had a use for complicated xenoestrogen detection. For 1000s of years all natural forms of estrogens were more or less beneficial given the right circumstances. Now suddely we created something almost identical. Let it in and die.
Artificial vitamin c dito. Chemists can hardly tell it from the real stuff, yet it turns cancerogenic wheb heated and, unlike the real stuff, it causes all sorts of nasty side effects.
Things are so simple and yet so dangerous when misjudged ...


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