Low-end Tizen phone supposedly in the pipeline

Low-end Tizen phone supposedly in the pipelineAh, Tizen. At one time, the OS was tipped to come between Samsung and Android and really shake up the smartphone world, but the first Tizen phone, the Samsung Z (left), has still yet to be released, and now appears to have been delayed indefinitely.

As such, it comes as the greatest of surprises to hear that there’s possibly a low-end Tizen smartphone in the works, too. Zuh?

That’s what we’re inferring from Zauba, the Indian import/export thingy that logs details of goods entering and leaving the country.

It lists several accessories (“BATTERY COVER”, “REAR CAP”, “LCD/TSP ASSY”, “BATTERY”) for something called the SM-Z130H, entering the country for “R&D PURPOSE”.

Since the model number for the Samsung Z is SM-Z910F, it’s probably fair to assume that the SM-Z130H is a) a Tizen phone, and b) further down the spec ladder than the existing chap – the higher the number, the better the phone.

Merely conjecture at this stage, clearly, but even assuming we are on the money, it’s unlikely that the SM-Z130H would make much of an impact in the UK. The Samsung Z was scheduled for release in Russia initially, and Tizen is earmarked primarily for emerging markets.

Will Tizen ever get off the ground? Answers on a Samsung Galaxy Wave.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 16, 2014 at 12:19

Wave two and three were ahead of even some current Android mid-rangers and BB10 etc...
Shame. Despite the same ugly touchwiz UI, Bada was much smoother, and, um, neat. Less messy.


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