Lumia-themed speaker range revealed

Lumia-themed speaker range revealedFinnish manufacturer Nokia is no stranger to audio accessories, and for its latest venture it’s teamed up with none other than America’s JBL (founded by James Bullough Lansing, hmm).

The pair has announced the – deep breath – JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker for Nokia. Catchy.

As you can see from the pic, the JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speakers for Nokia (ahem) are decidedly Lumia-esque. But where’s the magenta?

Over on Nokia Conversations, Ian concedes that the JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker for Nokia is remarkably similar to the existing Nokia Play 360 portable speaker. However, there are two major differences.

Firstly, on the outside, we’ve got double-shot plastic for extra durability. On the inside, Ian explains: “the guts of the speaker have been entirely revised to bring JBL’s excellent audio know-how to the party.”

The JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker for Nokia boasts a maximum output of 89dB, and a “specially designed bass port” for bangin’ parties.

Next-gen Lumia smartphones on Windows Phone 8 will be able to connect via NFC. There’s also Bluetooth compatibility, and a standard 3.5mm jack.

Battery life, meanwhile, is an estimated 10 hours, and there’s a plug for indoor use.

How much? The JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker for Nokia will cost “approximately €149” (£120), and shipping starts “before the end of the year”.

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