One M9 pics: is this HTC’s next flagship in gold?

One M9 pics: is this HTC’s next flagship in gold?We’re every bit as excited about the HTC One M9 launch as we are about the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S6, and here we’re seeing the former in leaked pics.

Specifically, we’re looking at what’s supposedly the HTC One M9’s rear case in gold, and we’re thinking this might be the real deal. Maybe.

Ok, reason the first to think this HTC One M9 case leak might be legit: it’s hosted by, a generally quite reliable publication that got loads of stuff correct about the iPhone 6 prior to release.

Reason the second: there’s a phenomenal amount of detail on the inside of the HTC One M9 case, so it’s either the real deal, or an outrageously elaborate hoax.

Assuming it’s for reals, the One M9 rear case confirms the notion that HTC’s next flagship won’t have a Duo Camera setup. That definitely seems to be the consensus, though the technology might make an appearance on the slightly larger HTC One M9 Plus.

Otherwise, there’s not a whole lot else to garner, which leaves us to reiterate rumoured HTC One M9 specs, including a 5in display (perhaps just 1080p while the M9 Plus stretches to QHD?), Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, Android Lollipop with HTC Sense 7.0, and a plain old 20MP rear camera.

We heard earlier that the HTC One M9 launch will go down just a couple of hours before Samsung Unpacked 2015. Full story on both phones - the One M9 and Samsung Galaxy S6 - on Sunday, March 1.

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